Runner LV - Olive

  • Inspired by a retro running shoe, the Runner (LV) embodies simple aspects of classic footwear while retaining the functionality of a high-performance climbing shoe. The Runner LV is wrapped in all new olive, ultra sticky, Dark Matter Rubber, to make certain that it is ready to perform when you are. The three point closure system and thick padded tongue on a lower volume last ensure comfort and performance.

  • Fishhook Thin MidsoleSynthetic Upper

    • Thick Padded Tongue

    • Three Point Closure System

    • Dark Matter Rubber

    • Downturned Toe

  • • Intermediate/Advanced

    • Bouldering/Sport

    • Edging

    • Steep Terrain

  • Desired Fit Can Depend on Experience and Performance
    • If you boulder at V4 or climb at E3/4 or less then So iLL recommends you to buy a larger size than your normal shoe size by around 1 1/2 sizes. Example: if you normally wear a size 8 trainer we would suggest a 9 1/2.
    • If you boulder V5 or climb regularly at E4/E5 and above then So iLL recommends you buy a larger size than your normal show size by around a 1/2 size. Example: if you normally wear a size 8 trainer we would suggest a 8 1/2.
    • This is a guide only and the size that suits you will depend on your foot shape such as high or low volume, wide or narrow foot etc. For multipitch routes you may want to have a more relaxed fit and size up a little. So iLL recommends you check the fit before wearing outside or at the boulder wall as we can't exchange any shoes showing any signs of being used.

So iLL climbing shoes are normally smaller in size/fit than most other brands, as a guide we have found most users prefer to buy in a larger size than their normal trainer size. Different foot shoes and tolerance for fit will need to be taken into account when choosing your size.

I have read and understand the So iLL suggested shoe sizing information (please see the 'Sizing' tab above for further information) and understand they are smaller for fitting.


Featuring Military Grade Dark Matter Rubber originally Developed for the US Navy Seals


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